The 2018 cohort of teams are developing new technologies addressing a range of unmet medical needs, including veterans’ hearing loss, cancer screening, and obesity. Read the news announcement introducing the teams.

Proposals to IDEA² Global were invited from anywhere in the world and are sponsored by several organizations dedicated to biomedical technology innovation. Project sponsors include Fundación para la Innovación y la Prospectiva en Salud en España (FIPSE, a Spain-based nonprofit dedicated to advancing new healthcare technologies), the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), MassBIO, Cantabria Labs (a Spain-based pharmaceutical R&D company), the Medicine Innovation Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and MIT Hacking Medicine.

2018 Teams

A new strategy to fight against viral retrotranscription

A project proposing to interrupt the development cycle of pathogenic viruses such as HIV or Herpes
Team: Henar Suarez Montero, Ester García, María Yáñez-Mó, Vera Rocha-Perugini, Francisco Sánchez-Madrid, Antonio Rodríguez Hita, Victor Toribio 

Ear Level Activity Tracking/Falls Detection and Prevention

A project to identify and test a minimal viable product that integrates sensor technology for activity tracking and falls detection/prevention with a hearing aid
Team: Crystal Mata, Deep Garg, Michael Lindeman, Denice McGilvery

Open Retinoscope

A new smartphone-enabled device for eye exams that can screen for diabetic retinopathy and other high-prevalent pathologies
Team: Florencio González Márquez, Luis Castillón Torres, Pablo Hervás Ballesteros, Francisco Javier Hernández Martínez, Luis Luque Romero, José Luis García Garmendia, Gorka Gómez Ciriza, Cristina Suarez Mejías, Tomas Gómez CIA

Circulating tumor cells nanoplasmonic biosensor (CTCnanoSen)

A new device to detect early metastasis of cancer in patients’ blood
Team: Alfredo Franco, Jose Luis Fdez. Luna, Fernando Moreno, Francisco Gonzalez, Santos Merino


A family of medical devices for gastrointestinal endoscopy to perform bioactive treatments and prevent adverse events after endoscopy
Team: Vicente Lorenzo-Zúñiga García, Ramon Bartoli Solé  

“PEPSTOB” (Peptide to stop obesity)

Developing a medication to reduce lipid accumulation in tissues and organs to treat conditions like obesity and heptatic steatosis, with an additional cosmetic application
Team: David Martinez Selva, Antonio Herce Sesa, Rafael Simo Canonge, Laura Brianso Llort,Lorena Ramos Perez, Lidia Fuertes Rioja 

Paciena Prosthesis

Developing a new prosthesis to be used as an intraneovaginal mold after neovagina surgery
Team: Maribel Acien, Pedro Acién, Miguel Sánchez-Lozano, Miguel Ángel Oliva-Meyer, Javier Martínez García, María Prada, Begoña García-Jaén

Creating a Patient-Centered Smartphone or Computer Application for Cirrhosis Management

A new system to manage outpatient care and reduce the need for hospital readmission after treatment
Team: Patricia Pringle, James Richter, Raymond Chung, Madeleine Marx, Sarah Argyropoulos, Stephanie Rutledge

Translational Neuroscience Center

A new hospital-based program to improve the efficiency of translation of novel ideas into practical tools for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of brain disorders
Team: Ivy Cheng, Elizabeth Buttermore, Sameer Dhamne, Sean Dwyer, Denise McGinnins, Meera Modi

Integrating the tools of genomics and neuroscience to reveal causes of neuropsychiatric disorders

A new research initiative to transform psychiatric drug discovery, addressing the growing need to treat mental illnesses
Project lead: Adam Vogel

Tex Phototherapy

A wearable technology to treat neonatal jaundice
Project lead: Yosra Melki 


A portable, non-invasive heart rhythm monitor to detect intermittent hear arrhythmia systems
Team: Oisin Mc Grath, Jaffry Syed Kumail, Belén Enguix 

Bloomer Tech

Transforming everyday fabrics into tools for personalized healthcare detection, monitoring, and treatment of chronic diseases
Team: Mónica Abarca, Alicia Chong, Aceil Halaby, Ben Linville-Engler


Developing a mobile app to help patients with digestive disorders take objective measures of their stool characteristics
Team: David Hachuel, Akshay Jha, Lea Fayad, Shawn Dimantha, Alfonso Martinez