IDEA² Global is designed to help biomedical innovators around the world to develop their project ideas and to provide the expertise to realize them. The program seeks to cultivate biomedical leaders by turning their idea into IDEA² by:

  • Identifying: a worthy area for inquiry or development.
  • Defining: the opportunity, assessing the potential impact, and establishing goals and milestones with a team of expert mentors
  • Enabling: through resources, innovators to focus on the right problem at the right time
  • Accelerating: progress towards the goal through a network, facilitating to enable connections and associations from all sectors, disciplines, and professions

Why participate?

  1. Turn your idea into a strong project proposal with the help of a network of top-tier advisors from different disciplines, professions, and sectors.
  2. Gain experience in independently defining, articulating, and defending your idea.
  3. Learn techniques for and gain practice in communicating your idea to specialists and non-specialists alike.
  4. Gain access to a network of stakeholders in the biomedical value chain.
  5. Work with Project Teams from around the world who share innovative spirit to bring new biomedical ideas forward.

Who is eligible?

  • Any individual or groups who have an idea for a biomedical research project or business concept.
  • Individuals or at least 1 member of a team must be available for the Impact Proposition Workshops and Final Pitch Presentation at MIT (see important dates, below).
  • Project Team members must speak basic conversational English.

What is the process?

Interested and eligible individuals and teams can submit a short description for a new or ongoing research project or business idea. Following review, selected projects are identified as IDEA² Global Project Teams. Project Teams are assigned to Expert Mentors (I2EM) who, over the subsequent 6-month period, provide advice towards the development of a full proposal. In addition, Project Teams are offered multiple training opportunities to refine and enhance their proposal. Project Teams present their full proposal orally before a diverse review panel. Selected Project Teams will be awarded an IDEA² Global Prize.

Important dates
  • April 16 Midnight Eastern: Applications due
  • May 4: Public announcement of IDEA² Global Class of 2018
  • May 7: IDEA² Global orientation
  • June 1–4: Impact Proposition I workshop at MIT
  • June – October: Mentor assignments (ongoing)
  • October 15: Impact Proposition Workshop II (Web conference; two locations streaming from MIT and Madrid)
  • November 15: Pitch training seminar (via Web conference or in person in Madrid)
  • December 6–7: Final Pitch Presentations at MIT

Whom should I contact with questions?
First, check out our FAQs, and if you still have questions, write to: