If your questions are not answered here, please contact info.idea2@mit.edu

Q) Can my project description be related to any biomedical idea?
A) Your idea can be related to any kind of biomedical technology, broadly construed.

Q) If I am selected, will I need to attend courses?
A) At least one team member must attend the Kickoff and Commencement Workshops in Cambridge, Massachusetts (please see the IDEA² Global timeline for more details). Finalists are offered other workshops during the course of the IDEA² Global program to help strengthen their project. It is recommended to take advantage of these trainings, however they are not mandatory. Otherwise, there is no formal ‘program’ that everyone follows, except for interaction with mentors.

Q) Can my company submit a project proposal?
A) Your project idea would be eligible if it were presented by an individual or a team, but not as a company.

Q) I am a founder (or employee) of a company, am I eligible to apply?
A) Yes. We encourage project proposals from any sector.

Q) I live in a region/community outside of Boston/Cambridge—am I eligible?
A) Yes, however one person from your team must be able to come to Cambridge for both the Kickoff and Commencement Workshops in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Q) I live outside the Cambridge community, can I partner with a person/team in Boston/Cambridge to submit a project proposal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is there a preference for individual rather than team project proposals?
A) No. Generally speaking, progress requires a team. If you already have a team (or a partial team) in place, it makes sense to apply as a team. If you do not have a team in place, one outcome of IDEA² Global may be the identification of others who you may wish to join you.

Q) Are there any restrictions to the size and formation of a team?
A) A team can be no greater than 6 people. A team must designate a team administrator for correspondence.

Q) What language should be used for IDEA² Global
A) Basic Conversational English. You do not need to be an expert with speaking English. We ask that you know some basic English to have a conversation with assigned expert mentors.

Q) How is intellectual property of any idea/software/hardware handled during the course of the IDEA² Global program?
A) Participating in the IDEA² Global program does not modify your intellectual property (IP) position, or any other aspect of your ongoing project. All staff, faculty and review panelists of the IDEA² Global program who have access to your application sign a confidentiality form. You can find a copy of the confidentiality agreement on the IDEA² Global web site.

Q) The commercial exploitation rights of our innovations will be completely ours or will it belong to the organization of IDEA² Global?
A) The goal of IDEA² Global is to help to strengthen your project idea. Throughout the IDEA² Global program, your idea remains completely yours.

Q) I don’t yet have the necessary resources in place to move forward, should I still apply?
A) Yes. Resource needs and strategies are very project dependent. If resources are a primary issue, IDEA² Global may be able to help.